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Emotions Run High in NASCAR | SEGMENT 1 | #282

March 18, 20175 min
High speeds can lead to raised emotions on the NASCAR track. We talk with professional stock car driver, Cameron Hayley, about a recent fight that occurred between Joey Logano and Kyle Busch at a Las Vegas race. Cameron tells us that it took some time to learn to keep his emotions in check after the intensity of a race. The fight, from a fans point of view, can be exciting and raise interest in the event, however, from a sponsor's standpoint may not be the best idea. After all, in today's connected times, no small squabble goes unnoticed. Tune in for the latest motorsports drama. | Listen to Full Episode #282

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Guest: Cameron Hayley
? Bio: Cameron Haley
? Twitter: @CameronNHayley
? Facebook: /cameronhayleymotorsports
? Instagram: @cameronnhayley

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