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ENCORE: Customized Luxury | FULL EPISODE | #287

April 22, 201784 min
Disneyland is where dreams come true for kids. Is there anything like that for adults? If your pocketbook is big enough, you just might be able to live our your wildest desire through The Bluefish Group! Plus, we find out what life is like in the spotlight for Bitchin' Rides star Dave Kindig. It's time to talk shop alongside some of our favorite contributors!

[00:00:00] The Fame of Bitchin' Rides

[00:05:07] Most Challenging Car for Kindig It Designs

[00:12:31] How Bitchin' Rides Got Its Start

[00:19:51] 'Boots' is a Car Guy at His Core

[00:29:18] Auto Smarts with Dan Longenette

[00:35:52] Man's Second Best Friend

[00:42:13] Bluefish Group: Making Dreams Reality

[00:48:23] Steve Sims Parties with Elton John

[00:54:44] Your Wildest Dreams, For a Price

[01:02:04] We All Have Secret Driving Vices

[01:11:09] Chris Duke Talks About Motorz TV

[01:18:05] 2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special

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