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ENCORE: Your Wildest Dreams, For a Price | SEGMENT 9 | #287

April 22, 20177 min
Steve Sims of The Bluefish Group shares some stories of things that they have done for those who were willing to pay. He also tells us that he spends a lot of time with his motorcycles and why he prefers to be on two wheels as opposed to four. Steve is all about the experience, which is why he was lead to the career he has now; he helps people accomplish the most insane experiences they can think of. Explore The Bluefish Group and drool over the possibilities! | Listen to Full Episode #287

Guest: Steve Sims
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? Instagram: @steveuglysims
? YouTube: /UglySims
? Company: The Bluefish Group
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? Twitter: @Bluefishgroup
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? Instagram: @bluefishgroup

Contributor: Chris Duke
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