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Environmentally Conscious Honda Clarity | SEGMENT 4 | #283

March 25, 201710 min
We get to discover a new future for electric vehicles with Brian Moody, Editor of Autotrader. He talks about Trump's proposed review of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and the role he sees for automotive experts in this upcoming revision.

Then he dives into his review of the brand new Honda Clarity, an all-electric with hydrogen fuel cell tech. With an abundant electric range of 366 miles, this car converts hydrogen into electricity giving it instant acceleration with zero emissions. Automotive manufactures have created the perfect blend of the energy efficiency and performance, appealing to the car lovers who crave power. This car feels quick for an electric vehicle and is extremely fun to drive, boasting 174-Horsepower. Discover why environmentally friendly cars no longer have to be boring. | Listen to Full Episode #283

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Guest: Brian Moody
? Bio: Brian Moody
? Twitter: @verymoody
? Facebook: /brian.moody.961
? Company: Autotrader
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? Twitter: @AutoTrader_com
? Facebook: /autotrader
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? YouTube: /AutoTrader

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