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From the Lap of Luxury to Extreme Conditions | FULL EPISODE | #281

March 11, 201784 min
There are car guys and girls all over the world and today we hear from some of our favorites. At the top of the hour, we're on the line with Canadian automotive journalist, Norris McDonald, chatting about his induction into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame and his thoughts on the 2017 Land Rover Discovery. Then, Chris Duke gives us the lowdown on the newest episode of Motorz, "2000 Ford Ranger Part 1". Next up is BJ Killeen sharing her review on Hyundai's new level-up brand, Genesis. Kia's James Bell raves about the new Stinger which is garnering favor from auto journalists around the world. Dennis Collins of Collins Bros Jeep tells us a little about notable company growth propelled by Jeep fandome. We end the hour with Rephin Productions CEO, Carson Lev, sharing the history of his company, and an exciting new TV project starring Chip Foose. We've got the top the top auto news and reviews to keep your engines revving. Listen now

[00:00:00] Test Drives and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame

[00:06:20] Veteran Test Driver Shows Newbie the Ropes

[00:12:30] 2017 Land Rover Discovery Climbs Boulders

[00:19:51] Safety at its Finest: 2017 Land Rover Discovery

[00:26:30] Motorz TV Takes on Filthy 2000 Ford Ranger

[00:35:52] 'Wolf' Racecar Track Test and Volvo S90 Review

[00:42:12] The Automotive Journalist Experience

[00:48:15] Hyundai Levels Up with Genesis Brand

[00:54:43] Kia Shows Off Stinger on Lakes of Sweden

[01:02:03] Searching for Perfect Project Vehicle? Think Jeep

[01:12:25] Chip Foose Inducted into SEMA Hall of Fame

[01:18:04] Dreaming Up Projects with Chip Foose

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