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Huge 2017 MINI Countryman Reviewed | SEGMENT 10 | #282

March 18, 20179 min
MINI releases their biggest car yet, and although Alan isn't sure what they were smoking when they came up with the design, he can't help but like it. This large MINI is all-wheel drive with an expansive panorama sunroof, rain sensing windshield wipers, MINI Connected infotainment system, comfort keyless entry, and even a rearview camera with guidelines. What this vehicle lacks in power, it makes up for with a spacious and comfortable drive experience.

In other news, BJ Killeen discusses President Trump's meeting with automakers to propose revising the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards. CAFE standards currently mandate that every vehicle manufacturer will need to hit a fleet average of 54.5-MPG by 2025. Although this is a great goal, it may not be realistic. Aside from technical requirements, consumers may not want to purchase a more eco-friendly ride. Case in point, sales of hybrid and electric cars have declined significantly in recent months. Discover what's in store for the future of fuel economy and decide for yourself what you think about MINI's newest venture. | Listen to Full Episode #282

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