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Hype Continues to Rise for Dodge Demon | SEGMENT 4 | #284

April 4, 20176 min
We are shivering with anticipation as we wait for the unveiling of the 2018 Dodge Demon. Chris Duke of Motorz TV and Alan discuss what they think this car will be all about. After watching all of the teaser videos, most of us have discerned that this will most likely be a spectacular drag-race machine. Dodge has done a thrilling job of marketing this huge release and they have cleverly thrown out a few hints for car enthusiasts. One of the biggest questions about this car is the horsepower, some speculate that it will be well over its 707-HP predecessor, the Hellcat. Whatever is on the horizon for this beast of a ride, we can rest assured that Dodge will go to extreme lengths to make a mark on muscle car history. Join us for more on this aggressive, speed Demon that is about to escape its cage. | Listen to Full Episode #284

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