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Hyundai Ioniq is Best-in-Class for Fuel Economy | SEGMENT 9 | #280

March 22, 20177 min
Fuel economy is paramount and consumers are hunting for an efficient, attractive car that will save them time and money. CarBuzzard's BJ Killeen is practically buzzing with a rave review for the Hyundai Ionic which receives a colossal 58 miles to the gallon (best-in-class for fuel economy, if you were wondering). The Ioniq is available in three drivetrain options; a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and a pure electric - all of which have been engineered to give you an impressive ride quality with excellent fuel efficiency. Added bonus, Hyundai has made this car very affordable and implemented a lifetime warranty on their batteries, so you can rest assure that this vehicle will last you a very long time. Explore what this exciting EV has to offer. | Listen to Full Episode #280

Segment 9 Takeaway:

With three drivetrain options, best-in-class fuel economy, and decent looks, the Hyundai Ionig is set to surge ahead in the EV and hybrid segments.

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