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Infiniti's Alfonso Albaisa on the Romance of Design | SEGMENT 2 | #274

January 21, 20175 min
Okay, okay... So, maybe it's not fair to choose your favorite kid, but when it comes to cars, we know you have one! Alfonso Albaisa, Executive Design Director for Infiniti, tells us why the Q60 is the design closest to his heart. The Q60, created by the designer of the original FX, inspired Alfonso to re-imagine the possibilities of car design. He found himself wooed by the romance expressed in the powerful design of the Q60.

No matter the car, it is important for the beauty of design to reflect inside and out. Alfonso shares the challenges presented with creating Infiniti's SUV, the QX80. Clever engineering was needed to strike a delicate balance between being driver-centric and also comfortable for passengers. Learn more about flagship vehicle now.

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Segment #2 Takeaway: There is a romance in design.

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