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Kia Shows Off Stinger on Lakes of Sweden | SEGMENT 9 | #281

March 11, 20177 min
Kia is raising the bar when it comes to affordable sports cars and everyone all over the world wants a look at it. The Kia Stinger, with its 365 horsepower and all-wheel or rear-wheel drive options, is exactly what the Kia's engineers were wanting, fun! The Stinger was taken to Arjeplog, Sweden to race on one of the many frozen lakes in the area where journalists lined-up to try this baby out. Kia chose to test the Stinger on ice to give the all-wheel drive system a chance to shine and show off key features like traction control and braking which require excellent balance control. The take away for journalists: Kia is shifting their focus to make driving fun, safe, and reliable even in extreme conditions. Uncover why the Kia Stinger is changing the way we look at sports cars. | Listen to Full Episode #281

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