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LINE-X Creates Extra Tough Liner for Truck Exteriors | SEGMENT 9 | #274

January 21, 20177 min
Aftermarket durability is extremely important when you are buying a new vehicle. Buying a truck may mean you want to get out there and get dirty, however, you've got to protect your exterior. Paul DeSmet, Executive VP for LINE-X, covers the release of the new LINE-X Ultra and how it goes above and beyond compared to the competition.

In the past, covering the exterior of your vehicle with a bed liner was not very practical because of the material's thickness. At only 1/4 inch thin, the new LINE-X Ultra is a different story, managing exceptional strength AND versatility. Unlike paint, you can hit it, bend it, and beat it up however you like without causing any damage to the liner itself. The design of your car will still shine through, and the 100% UV stable formula will keep it looking brand new. Discover LINE-X and their new line of protection products.

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Segment #9 Takeaway: LINE-X Ultra is lightweight, thin, and strong.

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