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Motorz TV Takes on Filthy 2000 Ford Ranger | SEGMENT 5 | #281

March 11, 20179 min
The time of mid-size trucks is once again on the rise and the Ford Ranger is set to make a comeback by the year 2019. Chris Duke recently fixed up a down-and-dirty 2000 Ford Ranger on the latest episode of Motorz TV. The sheer amount of caked on mud was staggering! It took some massive power washing and steam cleaning to bring this truck back to life; with a few other cosmetic touch-ups and a drop-in bed liner, the Ranger received a shocking makeover. Never watched Motorz? Tune in to learn how you can maintain and upgrade cars and trucks in your own garage; no fancy engine hoists required, just a set of Craftsmen tools. For DIY car project ideas that don't cost a fortune, look no further than Motorz! Learn more. | Listen to Full Episode #281

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Contributor/Guest: Chris Duke
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