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NASCAR's New Rules Confuse Longtime Fans | SEGMENT 1 | #280

March 22, 20176 min
Let's be honest, change can be hard and NASCAR enthusiasts everywhere are making it known. Automotive journalist, Steven Cole Smith, helps makes sense of confusing new rules shaking up the stock car circuit, explaining that the new format has broken the iconic race series into three stages of different lengths. We have to ask, could television network coverage play a part in the changes? According to Steven, it's a real possibility. It seems that the media is keen on increasing the "action" or in race terms, more wrecks. With many of the top drivers ending up on the side of the track, it looks like they got exactly that. Listen in for the latest NASCAR news. | Listen to Full Episode #280

Segment 1 Takeaway:

The new NASCAR format has split the race into three stages and it seems to create more accidents.

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Contributor: Steven Cole Smith
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? Twitter: @SColeSmith
? Company: Racer Magazine
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? Twitter: @RACERmag
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? Article: 2017 NASCAR and Daytona Race Format

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