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New Format for NASCAR Creates More 'Action' | SEGMENT 2 | #280

March 22, 20175 min
With mixed opinions flying all over the place, automotive journalist, Steven Cole Smith, is here to help us understand why NASCAR chose to change the race format after so many successful years. Steven believes that the whole thing was driven by the TV industry with the goal of trying to give at-home-audiences the action (read: increased carnage) they crave. NASCAR has also lowered the downforce making cars slide around more and throwing some drivers off their game. (Downforce is the pressure created across the surface of a vehicle at speed.) Steven points out that this may benefit the sport's newbies who are more comfortable with driving loose vehicles. Tune in for our latest NASCAR motorsport report now. | Listen to Full Episode #280

Segment 2 Favorite Quote:

"NASCAR has lowered the down force to make the cars slide around a little more."

-- Steven Cole Smith

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