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NHRA's Larry Dixon Building Top Fuel Race Team | SEGMENT 7 | #275

January 28, 20177 min
Professional car racing is hard. Races can be won and lost in a blink of the eye, and it takes an immense dedication to the sport day in and day out to achieve greatness. Three time NHRA world champion, Larry Dixon is no stranger to the pitfalls that beguile many drag racers.

Did you know that top fuel cars can burn up to four gallons of gas per minute when idling? The prohibitive cost of entry is enough to deter many bright-eyed gearheads. Larry dishes on the business of drag racing, plans to own his own top fuel team, his '66 Chevy II, and more. Learn what it takes to be a world champion NHRA driver.

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Segment 7 Takeaway: Larry Dixon hopes to own a top fuel team in 2017.

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