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Scottsdale, Nissan, and a Viper | FULL SHOW | #231

February 9, 2016125 min
We take you to the VIP experience at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale to talk to some of the industry leaders, like Ken Block and Mark Fields. Then, we catch up with Alan and crew after a long holiday break!
Segment 1: Aaron Shelby at Barrett-Jackson
Aaron Shelby tells us how he's getting more involved in family car business, and recently got his hands on a new Mustang GT350 (VIN number 50!). Then, Aaron fills us in on the history of Terlingua Racing.
Segment 2: Ford Loves the Hobby
Ford Motor Company President & CEO, Mark Fields, loves what he does and is passionate about the car world and the Ford Product. Mark fills us in on the charity auctions Ford is sending across the block..
Segment 3: Ken Block's AWD Mustang
The man, the myth, the legend, Pro Rally Driver, Ken Block, chats with us about his custom all-wheel drive Mustang. Plus, get the insider's scoop on Ken's projects for the year!
Segment 4: Fast N' Loud Lives
Does Richard Rawlins really drink a whole lot of beer? Dennis Collins says yes! Chris Smith, Richard Rawlins, and Dennis give us insights into their lives and what's new in their world.
Segment 5: Peter Brock's Cobra
Legendary Car Designer, Peter Brock, gives us the history of the Daytona Cobra Coupe and how he got the aerodynamic ideas from the 1930's Germans.
Segment 6: Hennessey at Barrett-Jackson
John Hennessey chats with Alan about his new Dodge Viper, and gives us an update on Hennessey Performance.
Segment 7: 4 Wheel Parts
If you love to get dirty with your truck or UTV but don't want to get dirty working on it, 4 Wheel Parts is your store. President & CEO, Greg Adler, fills us in on the range of services and aftermarket parts they provide.
Segment 8: Greg Adler on Undercover Boss
Being on Undercover Boss wasn't just a unique television experience for Greg Adler, but a business opportunity. Find out what Greg learned about his company while going undercover.
Segment 9: King of the Hammers
For Greg Adler, off-road vehicles aren't just his business, they're his pleasure. Greg gives us a rundown of the King of the Hammers race and his custom hybrid 700hp rock-crawling/speed-racing machine.
Segment 10: Nissan Titan XD
We are joined by an old friend, Shooting USA's Jim Scoutten, who recently got to test the new Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve. Jim gives us his impressions.
Segment 11: Nissan's Deluxe Truck
It may seem stiff, and painfully average as far as fuel efficiency goes, but the Nissan Titan is a deluxe machine that has everything else you could dream of! Jim and Alan fill us in on this $63,270 fully loaded beast.
Segment 12: Titan XD Target Market
Need the fuel economy of a half-ton truck but want more towing power? Nissan Product Planner, Trenton Wright, explains the market they aimed for when creating the new Titan XD.
Segment 13: Good Bye Scion
In an unexpected turn of events, Scion has been shut down, but is anything really going to change? BJ Killeen and Karl Brauer have the scoop.
Segment 14: Viper Trivia
It's trivia time! For a Covercraft Seat heater Kit, what year did the Dodge Viper show up at the Detroit Auto Show as a concept car?
Segment 15: Takata: No End In Sight
The Takata Air Bag crisis just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Karl Brauer gives us the details of the latest mandates by Honda.
Segment 16: Cross Country Viper
Alan gives us a rundown of his cop-filled cross-country Viper trip. Then, we give a Covercraft Seat Heater Kit to Miles from Cody, Wyoming to keep his tush warm in those cold Wyoming nights.
Segment 17: New Nissan Sentra
Technology in cars is starting to find its way into lower price ranges, like it has with the new Nissan Sentra! Karl Brauer reports on Nissan's rework of their exterior design that brings a more cohesive look to the brand.
Segment 18: Magic Mountain on Wheels
"It's like having the keys to Six Flags Magic Mountain." Alan finally has his Dodge Viper, and gives us his review.

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