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Shell Eco-Marathon & Hitachi Inspire Women | SEGMENT 11 | #282

March 18, 20175 min
The car industry has been traditionally dominated by men and Hitachi Automotive is working hard to inspire women to get involved. Peeking women's interest in the science and math of automotive engineering, Lori Harvey, Manager of STEM Educational Outreach and CSR Programs at Hitachi, is trying to get girls engaged to not only like their car, but learn to build it. With this in mind, Hitachi will have a hands-on project booth at the Shell Eco-marathon where students can get further information on creating a healthier environment through improved fuel economy. Outside of the booth, teams at the Shell Eco-Marathon are challenged to build hyper fuel-efficient vehicles and test them out on the streets of Detroit. Find out more about the Shell Eco-marathon and Hitachi's efforts to integrate women into the car world. | Listen to Full Episode #282

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Guest: Lori Harvey
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? Company:Hitachi
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? Twitter: @Hitachi_HTA
? Twitter: @Hitachi_STEM
? YouTube: /HitachiHTA

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? Website: Inspire | Stem Education

Featured Event: Shell Eco-Marathon
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