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Southwest Research Institute Inspires Youth | SEGMENT 2 | #285

April 13, 20176 min
Young people everywhere are getting excited about the automotive technology. Southwest Research Institute is an independent, non-profit, applied research and development company which has been involved in the 'transportation business' for many years. Tony Bowie says SWRI reaches out to kids of all experience levels who are interested in transportation technology at events like the upcoming Shell Eco-marathon in Detroit. At the Shell Eco-marathon, teenage students have the chance to talk face-to-face with automotive engineers and get assistance tuning their hyper-millage vehicle. With event participants at such a critical age, SWRI aims to nurture their interests in automotive engineering by offering opportunities for future growth and development. The engineers of tomorrow are here. Learn more now. | Listen to Full Episode #285

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Guest: Tony Bowie
? Bio: Tony Bowie
? Company: Southwest Research Institute
? Website:
? Twitter: @SwRI
? Facebook: /southwestresearch
? Instagram: @southwestresearchinstitute

Featured Event: Shell Eco-marathon
? Website:
? Twitter: @shell_ecomar
? Facebook: /Shell
? Instagram: @shell_ecomarathon
? YouTube: /Shell

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