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Tech Advances Make Aftermarket Sound Obsolete | SEGMENT 8 | #282

March 18, 20174 min
It used to be that when you bought a new car and had a little extra to spend, a sound system was one of the first additions you would throw into your new ride. These days, things have changed and aftermarket sound systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Infotainment Engineer for Mazda, Matthew Valbuena, chats with us about why this trend has changed and what we can look forward to in the future. Infotainment systems come locked-and-loaded with important features like keyless entry and traction control, making it less desirable and cost-effective to pull apart your dashboard. Fortunately, technology is making huge leaps in quality and engineering, potentially eliminating the need for aftermarket sound systems altogether. Discover a whole new world of integrated sound. | Listen to Full Episode #282

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Guest: Matthew Valbuena
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? Company: Mazda North America
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Chat About Tech Advances Make Aftermarket Sound Obsolete | SEGMENT 8 | #282

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