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Test Drives and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame | SEGMENT 1 | #281

March 11, 20176 min
Would you take your rear-wheel drive sports car on muddy, mountain back roads? No, you know better than that! Our very own Alan Taylor has had the privilege to test the mettle of countless new cars for leading brands including Land Rover and Jaguar. Alan explains, many OEM's make it a priority to bring automotive journalists to an environment which showcases their car's unique capabilities, providing a real-life experience for test drivers. Find out some of Alan's most memorable driving experiences.

Then, Alan introduces us to the first automotive journalist to be inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, Norris McDonald. Being in the business for many years, Norris shares this momentous experience in his life and stories about other motorsport celebrities that were inducted along with him. Hear more about test drives and this automotive friendship that was formed between two true 'car guys'. | Listen to Full Episode #281

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Guest: Norris McDonald
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? Website: Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame

Chat About Test Drives and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame | SEGMENT 1 | #281

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