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The Automotive Future Has Arrived | FULL EPISODE | #283

March 25, 201784 min
This episode is packed with automotive genius and we hear from the experts that are out in the field of this ever-evolving industry. Autoblog's Michael Austin shares his experience from the Geneva International Motor Show and, his views on President Trump's review of the CAFE standards. Brian Moody of Autotrader reviews the environmentally conscious, Honda Clarity with hydrogen fuel cell. Then, we chat with Josh Hancock of JoshCAR about the latest car-centric movies, and the limo he helped create for the new movie starring Hugh Jackman, Logan. In the second hour, we hear from BJ Killeen about finally purchasing her long-term test drive, KIA Sedona, and she fills us in on the war brewing between BMW and Mercedes-Benz. We end the hour with John Ellis of Ellis & Associates, who helps us catch a glimpse into the future of our cars becoming sentient beings as well as Tesla's dedication to safety. Technology is creating a more dynamic future for our vehicles. Find out more now.

[00:00:00] Autoblog Reviews Geneva Motor Show

[00:06:35] Trump to Review the CAFE Standards

[00:12:30] Autoblog Has the Newest Automotive Reviews

[00:15:36] Environmentally Conscious Honda Clarity

[00:23:45] Logan Futuristic Limo is Stumping Car Guys

[00:31:33] Driving Films on the Horizon for Hollywood

[00:42:12] BJ Killeen Buys Her Test Drive KIA Sedona

[00:47:47] A War Brews Between Mercedes-Benz & BMW

[00:53:43] The Automotive World is Well Connected

[01:02:03] Carbon-based Lifeforms & Autonomous Cars

[01:11:27] Soon Our Cars Will Be Sentient Beings

[01:18:04] Tesla Continues to Enhance Safety Through Air

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