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The Automotive World is Well Connected | SEGMENT 9 | #283

March 25, 20177 min
With more than 350 car models flooding the U.S. market, BJ Killeen says intriguing marketing is key to tapping into consumer buying power. People buy brands - typically staying loyal to companies they trust who offer unique services. The car industry creates ample bedfellows since it involves a bevy of commodities such as fabric and upholstery, plastic, rubber, wood, precious metals, tech, and so much more. Because of this, ad agencies gain astronomic, billable hours from car manufactures - holding on tooth and nail when they secure an OEM account. Recently, one ad agency has made the press wire after leaving their reputable client. Intrigued? Hear more now. | Listen to Full Episode #283

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Contributor: BJ Killeen
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? Featured Vehicle: KIA Sedona
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