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The Rumor Mill and Car Talk | FULL SHOW | #235

March 7, 2016125 min
We spin the rumor mill with Karl Brauer and chat about some suspected upcoming cars. Also, TONEAudio's Jeff Dorgay hangs out and shares his car collection and experiences with us.
Segment 1: Ridiculous Politics
The recent presidential debates were more of a debacle than anything else. Alan and Chris Duke discuss the ridiculousness of recent politics.
Segment 2: Love To Race
Driving a NHRA Top Fuel Racecar is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. NHRA Top Fuel Driver, Leah Pritchett, shares how she got into racing, what it's like, and why she loves it!
Segment 3: Equipment Failures
As we deal with our equipment failures, we ask Leah Pritchett what the worst kind of failure is on an NHRA Top Fuel dragster. Also, Leah Pritchett explains why NHRA drivers are some of the nicest people you'll meet.
Segment 4: Chrysler Town & Country
Chris fills us in on the last model year of the Chrysler Town & Country before they replace it with the Pacifica. Just because it's being replaced doesn't mean they are holding back!
Segment 5: Lexus RX 360
Alan gives us his shining review of the 2016 Lexus RX 350 as we prepare to give away some custom floor mats from Covercraft in the next hour!
Segment 6: Welcome Jeff Dorgay!
We welcome a new member of the ERN family to the show, TONEAudio's Jeff Dorgay, who will be taking over Popular Technology Radio, impress him with our wonderful tech failures!
Segment 7: Death By Glacier
Land Rover loves to take their ride and drive media experiences to Iceland! Alan and Executive Editor, Brian Moody, recall their last trip to Iceland and how they almost died on a glacier!
Segment 8:
The Geneva Auto Show isn't really's target market. Senior Analyst, Michelle Krebs, and Executive Editor, Brian Moody, tell us what AutoTrader is all about.
Segment 9: February Hits Record Sales!
This February beat out 15 years of previous February auto sales, and sales have kept increasing per year for the last 7 years! AutoTrader's Michelle Krebs fills us in on what's hot and how important tech in cars is to consumers.
Segment 10: Feed The Rumor Mill
What's this we hear about a next generation Mustang? A mid-engine Corvette? Dodge Viper going away, and possibly coming back?! We feed the rumor mill with Karl Brauer.
Segment 11: Ward's Best Engines
Are Camaro sales are pressuring Ford to push the rework of the Mustang forward? Chris Duke fills us in. Also, Associate Editor, Bob Gritzinger, brings us Wards Ten Best Engines, and on this list is the Prius engine?! Find out more.
Segment 12: Autonomous and Hackable
As cars become more connected, they become more hackable, and this may be especially true with autonomous cars! Karl Brauer gives us the details on a recent study done by KBB.
Segment 13: Audio Customizability
We chat about the customizability of our car audio systems with TONEAudio's Jeff Dorgay as he gets acquainted with or ragtag team of car guys, Chris Duke and Alan Taylor.
Segment 14: New Car Smell
We try to figure out what that new car smell really is and give away a set of Premier Custom Fit Floor Mats from Covercraft.
Segment 15: Americarna and Ignite
In a world full of car shows, Ray Evernham's gentlemanly show, Americarna, stands out! Ray fills us in on upcoming episodes and his adult autism support program, IGNITE.
Segment 16: Jeff Dorgay's Cars
Jeff Dorgay tells us about his BMW Z4 with a Dinan Stage 4 Performance package, but get this, it only comes as automatic! Jeff fills us in on the rest of his car collection.
Segment 17: Smart Cars are Smart
Running your good car for just a couple miles at a time is bad for your engine! Jeff Dorgay explains how useful it is to have a smart car and how much it saves his BMW Z4.
Segment 18: Porsche Boxster
We close out the show with some car talk with our new friend, Jeff Dorgay. Jeff fills us in on his Porsche Boxster and the repair traps he avoided.

Chat About The Rumor Mill and Car Talk | FULL SHOW | #235

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