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Toyota A.I. Concept to be Released in 2030 | SEGMENT 5 | #274

January 21, 20175 min
Accident avoidance, alert systems, and a personal relationship with your car is becoming a reality. William Chergosky, Project Design Manager for Calty Design Research and Toyota, brings us exciting news to come in 2030. The Toyota Concept I is going to change the way we interface with our vehicles, its abilities will be mind blowing!

This design is a unique expression of how Toyota envisions the world of autonomous cars to evolve. Harmonizing artificial intelligence and human interaction, the concept will take the relationship we have with our car to the next level. Being connected at all times while not being distracted by tons of screens is an extremely important part of this design. With new levels of safety, comfort and connection you'll want to take a step into the future with us and discover the Toyota Concept I.

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Segment #5 Takeaway: Toyota is designing the future of driving, and the future looks bright!

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