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Veteran Test Driver Shows Newbie the Ropes | SEGMENT 2 | #281

March 11, 20175 min
Reviewing a car is so much better when you have the hands-on experience of a test drive. Automotive journalist, Norris McDonald, has been editing car reviews for many years, however, he was never the lucky guy behind the wheel. Recently, Norris had an opportunity to start test driving and he jumped at the chance. Hopping into the 2017 Land Rover Discovery with veteran test driver, Alan, he got to see what a 'crazy car guy' can do with a new vehicle. From climbing over boulders in the sand dunes of St. George,Utah to putting the pedal-to-the-metal on the freeway, this full-size SUV drives like a dream. Explore more about the 2017 Land Rover Discovery now. | Listen to Full Episode #281

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Guest: Norris McDonald
? Bio: Norris McDonald
? Twitter: @NorrisMcDonald2
? Facebook: /Norris-McDonald-230707830469914
? Company: Toronto Star Wheels
? Website:
? Twitter: @TorontoStar
? Facebook: /torontostar
? Instagram: @thetorontostar

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