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Volvo V90 XC is a Lifestyle Station Wagon | SEGMENT 4 | #285

April 13, 20178 min
Alan feared for his life as he zoomed around town in the Volvo V90 XC with freelance automotive journalist, George Kennedy III. While Alan may not be used to a 'Boston driver', George reassures him that the east coast has some of the best drivers around. When they climbed into the 4-cylinder Volvo, George assumed that he would have to slam down the throttle to harness its power at a red light. Well, the twincharged engine needed a bit more finesse than that as it boasts an impressive 316-HP and 295-LB feet of torque. After getting out of town, the guys got to test out the new Volvo's handling in muddy conditions where the V90 XC proved its mettle yet again. This higher-clearance wagon is a lifestyle car that can get you where you need to go. | Listen to Full Episode #285

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Guest: George Kennedy III
? Bio: George Kennedy
? Twitter: @GKenns101
? Facebook: /george.kennedy.18062
? Instagram: @gkenns101
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? Website: Boston Globe
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? Featured Vehicle: Volvo V90 Cross Country

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