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Wayne Carini Shares 'Chasing Classic Cars' Stories | SEGMENT 1 | #275

January 28, 20176 min
Spending 36 years hunting down your dream car sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Wayne Carini, host of 'Chasing Classic Cars', did just that and he has a Hudson Italia to prove it! The Hudson perfectly encapsulates Wayne's love for classic cars, a passion that has been with him his entire life. Fun fact: Wayne's dad actually founded the first Model A Restorers Club!

After going to school to become an architect, Wayne opted to change gears and put his auto enthusiasm to work in the garage. This intimidating choice served him well; Now Wayne embraces 'Chasing Classic Cars' as a forum to discuss important topics while working on some of the coolest cars around. If you're in hot pursuit of your dream car, you won't want to miss this segment.

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Segment 1 Takeaway: Hard work and dedication can pay off big time.

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