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What it Means to Be a New Car in 2017 | FULL EPISODE | #284

April 4, 201784 min
BJ Killeen shares some knowledge about the recent accident involving an autonomous Uber vehicle, and while it was determined that human error was involved, the cities that are allowing these test cars without drivers are still a bit cautious. Alan gives his review of the Toyota Prius Prime. Next, BJ and Alan talk about the 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk that can climb almost anything. James Bell of KIA talks about the 'engineered for fun', KIA Stinger, with its rear wheel bias all-wheel drive designed for excellent performance handling. Chris Duke joins us on the show for more predictions on the release of the Dodge Demon and to tell us about the aftermarket ATV upgrades he has been doing on Motorz TV. In the second hour, we flash back to one of our favorite shows from 2017 featuring Burt Reynold's Trans Am, Josh Hancock's review of The Classic Auto Show, BJ Killeen's review of the KIA Niro Hybrid and we explore some future innovations with KBB's Karl Brauer. Listen Now.

[00:00:00] Autonomous Uber Car Involved in Accident

[00:06:26] Toyota Prius Prime is a Quality Hybrid

[00:12:30] 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Can Climb

[00:19:51] Hype Continues to Rise for Dodge Demon

[00:26:41] KIA Stinger is Built for Fun Performance

[00:35:52] Chris Duke Hits Sand in RZR XP 1000

[00:42:12] Burt Reynolds' 1977 Trans AM Sold at Barrett-Jackson

[00:48:10] Josh Hancock Reports from The Classic Auto Show

[00:54:43] Technology Paves Way for Safer Car Security

[01:02:03] BJ Killeen Reviews New Kia Niro Hybrid

[01:08:21] Dodge Demon Release Coming Soon

[01:018:04] Exploring Future Ford Innovations with Karl Brauer

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