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First, Michael Shure on politics, then Tom Arnold Joins

February 9, 2019160 min
Tom Arnold is fun, funny and on fire.
Tom tells us stories from his early days in Iowa and then relates how his move to Hollywood almost didn't happen...Coming out to work getting Roseanne's show on the air.
Mark asks about a story in which, supposedly, Tom goes to Beverly Hills to buy jewelry for Roseanne with a million dollars in cash in a shoebox. Tom confirms it and fills in details.
Tom also sets straight the details of the hunt for the outtakes/tapes from THE APPRENTICE that contain highly damaging material about Donald Trump.
Comedian and filmmaker, J. Elvis Weinstein sits in with Mark for the conversation with Tom.
An article in The New Yorker is talked about. Here is the link to that article
First, Michael Shure on political scandals that threaten careers....Black face, sexual misconduct and a crowded field of presidential candidates. Also, Les Moonves's new office and the meat producers in a lawsuit.
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00-02:45 Mark intro
2:45-20:05 Michael Shure on politics
20:05-1:40:15 Tom Arnold

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