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The New Trump Voice on Family Guy, Josh Robert Thompson

January 11, 201989 min
The new voice of Donald Trump on Family Guy is Josh Robert Thompson.

Josh joins J.Elvis Weinstein and Mark Thompson. Mark talks about his just-completed trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The two Joshes give Mark a hard time about his social media posting from there.

Writer/Director, Carl Gottlieb (JAWS, THE JERK) joins by phone with reflections on Bob Einstein (Super Dave) who just died and Carl also has thoughts on Penny Marshall whose death hit him hard since the two were romantically involved early in her career and remained friends to the end.

First, Mark Thompson talks politics with political reporter, Michael Shure. Michael evaluates the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren who has just entered the presidential race.

Then, the two talk about the government shutdown and finish with "news" about one of the Jonas brothers.

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:00-3:00 Mark Intro

3:20-23:15 Michael Shure on Politics and more

23:15-1:29:30 Josh Robert Thompson, J Elvis Weinstein, Carl Gottlieb

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