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E-Discovery Goals And Resolutions for 2015

January 5, 201518 min
It is the new year so everybody is talking about resolutions, even those working in the field of electronic discovery. While we all have our personal resolutions, many legal professionals also create resolutions to improve their jobs, client happiness, organization, or their use of legal technology. Litigation professionals across the world are creating resolutions related to their electronic discovery positions by re-evaluating processes or changing the way they interact with clients. What are these legal professionals planning to do in 2015 and is it similar to your goals?
In this episode of The ESI Report, Michele Lang interviews twelve different litigation professionals about their 2015 resolutions in the field of e-discovery. Their resolutions include enhancing the level of electronic discovery consulting services, helping clients proactively manage high risk data, focusing on improving attorney experience, and helping clients automate their data storage for efficiency. In addition to client based resolutions, many of the e-discovery professionals set more personal work-related goals. These include being more patient with questions, not setting expectations for what will happen any given day, working on less urgent but still important tasks, and learning about new technology. A couple of the guests are working on specific projects this year including the implementation of a new email policy and ensuring a new document review center is running smoothly in the new year. You can learn a lot about the goals of these e-discovery experts including one fun fact: e-discovery is called e-disclosure in England.
In order, the guests include Josh Zylbershlag, Ralph Losey, Anthony Diana, David Yerich, Danny Thankachan, Daniel Kavan, Cliff Nichols, David Baldwin, Sue Kaiser, Shannon Capone Kirk, Joel Bothof, and James Sherer.

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