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Healing the Inner Wounds of War with E.J. Drury

July 4, 201354 min
E.J. Drury is a Vietnam Naval veteran who returned physically unharmed, but with deep inner wounds. His book ‘A Different Kind of Sentinel' is the story of his path of healing that explores the collaboration of the conscious and the unconscious minds using Active Imagination and the Transcendent Function, the process at the heart of Carl Jung's theory of psychological growth. Seeing this healing as a spiritual emergence he has developed methods that help other returning vets with what the Marines now call their ‘moral injuries,' a form of PTSD caused not by trauma or terror, but by the pain of what they did in wartime. How does this relate to shamanic practices like, journeying, soul retrieval and walk about? Yes, this will be a fascinating conversation. Don't miss it and be sure to check out his website

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