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There Are No Limitations with Maureen McElroy

May 15, 201454 min
We have not heard here latest adventures, so… she’s ba-ack! There are special, unassuming people who do amazing things. Maureen McElroy is one of them. I see Maureen at dowsing conventions. Though a young and cheerful woman, she moves around with a walker or crutches because cerebral palsy took her ability to balance. A powerful healer in a small unassuming package. Maureen does amazing psychic surgery and other remote work. She is likely to say, ‘who’s your friend’ nodding toward a companion usually only I can see. We’ve become friends and we have each done remote healing on the other and her work is profound and powerful. Come join me for a fascinating delightful conversation with someone who lives using all her abilities and shrugs off what others might consider disabilities.

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