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Western Esotericism with Tobias Churton

December 8, 201656 min
You may have heard of 'Mystery Schools.' They are the ancient teachings of the Western traditions of esoteric and metaphysical studies.

This week's guest, Tobias Churton has made his life's work learning their history and teachings and conveying those with charm and wit to a general audience.

Busy considering his twenty-first book commission, Tobias Churton is today internationally recognized for his insightful books on esoteric, spiritual history, Art and philosophy.

His latest book 'Occult Paris' traces the underpinnings of the amazing Belle Epoque in art and literature to the influence of mystery school teachings.

Accessible and scholarly, Churton’s works address believers and doubters alike and, remarkably, have stimulated spiritual experiences in some readers. He has successfully widened the appeal of so-called “esoteric” spirituality. Churton’s warm style and depth of knowledge have entertained many thousands of readers in the process.

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