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April 22, 201451 min
The last show of the month features Diana and Raj as they interact with their listeners. It highlights responses to questions that have been submitted throughout the month as well as live callers.
Show host Psychic Diana Blagdon is an author, teacher, speaker and business owner who has know from a very early age that “a non-local intelligence was directing her life’s journey.” Aware of her intuitive gifts since childhood, Diana has been a lifelong student of human behavior. Always good at discerning the energy in her environment, she uses that sensitivity to aid individuals and groups in overcoming self-imposed limitations, encouraging them to be receptive to improving communication and creating solutions for daily living in both work and home environments.

Raj Munger is a psychic-medium, healer and karmic soul coach, and an animal communicator. Having many of these extraordinary gifts from an early age on, she found that animals and nature are our best teachers and healers throughout life. She has been working to master the healing arts for more than 25 years, allowing her to enhance an ability to see how disease, negative thoughts and other stress in life affects our bodies, minds and souls.

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