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The Juice Talk Radio Podcast: Episode 144

August 20, 201624 min
On today's episode:

The 2016 Rio Olympics have had amazing results from U.S.A. participants, but the embarrassing #LochteGate story will always overshadow the events that have taken place. Many have even questioned if the races of Ryan Lochte and his teammates were different, would the punishment have been the same for vandalism and fabricating a story to police? I'm not sure, but you can bet regardless of race, this is a story that has embarrassed the U.S. greatly.

Link to Ebony magazine article The Ryan Lochte "Robbery" Story Is The Epitome of White Privilege:

Former NFL safety Darren Sharper was sentenced to 18 years in prison on charges of drugging and raping 16 women in four states. What a horrible way to ruin your career and your image.

NFL preseason is still going strong. Here, I will announce what games you can catch tonight!

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