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High Noon at the U.I. Corral: Keyboard vs. Touchscreen

December 11, 201536 min
With the introduction of the iPad and other tablets and now touch screen computers like the Surface Pro and the Apple Pro, we seem to be moving further away from an exclusively keyboard/trackpad existence. Furthermore, with the introduction of Stylus Pens for tablets, is the keyboard on its way out completely? With an increase in the use of keyboard shortcuts and the average typing speed, maybe not. But with a new generation of children being raised with touchscreen devices, the keyboard-exclusive landscape of computer use is bound to change.
In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell speculate on whether the pen or the finger is mightier than the keyboard. Is using a keyboard and mouse trackpad “normal”? Do you have to be a good typist to use a computer efficiently anymore? Why hasn’t the stylus replaced the legal pad? Is dictation the inevitable replacement for the keyboard, stylus, and finger? Tune in for Tom and Dennis’s take on the future of lawyers' interactions with computers.
In the second half of this podcast, Dennis and Tom discuss "cord cutting” or the practice of canceling cable subscriptions and replacing them with app consumption products like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire. Although neither host has “cut the cord,” they analyze the benefits of individual subscription based networks like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now and whether they offer a replacement or simply a supplement to traditional television. As always, stay tuned for Parting Shots, that one tip, website, or observation you can use the second the podcast ends.
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