The KFBK Garden Show

The KFBK Garden Show


KFBK Garden Show. Answers to your rose questions with the Sac Rose Society.

April 21, 201972 min

72 min
KFBK Garden Show. Don Shor, Redwood Barn Nursery. Talkin' about Tomatoes.

April 14, 201974 min

74 min
KFBK Garden Show. "Warm Season Vegetable Tips" with Marlene Simon.

April 7, 201973 min

73 min
KFBK Garden Show. "Using California Native Plants at Home" with Pam Bone, Master Gardener.

March 31, 201974 min

74 min
KFBK Garden Show. Ed Laivo on "Espaliering Fruit Trees"

March 24, 201972 min

72 min
"Asian Citrus Psyllid in Sacramento: What Gardeners Need to Know"

March 17, 201972 min

72 min
Arborist Jeff Gravish discusses spring-blooming small trees.

March 10, 201971 min

71 min
Steve Zien, Living Resources Co.: "Building a Healthy Soil"

March 3, 201985 min

85 min
Debbie Flower, Horticulture Professor: "Choosing the Right Potting Mix"

February 24, 201980 min

80 min
Steve Zien of Living Resources Co. on creating a sustainable garden.

February 17, 201975 min

75 min

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