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Fly Fishing Simplified

November 9, 201521 min
Fly Fishing Simplified
Fly Fishing SimplifiedIn this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcastI welcome Steve Plut to the show. Steve runs the website Fly Fishing Simplified and he’s on a mission to help others discover the joy of fly fishing. He also shares how fly fishing doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’ve ever thought about trying it or want some inspiration to pick it up again you’ll want to listen to today’s show.

On Today’s show you’ll discover…

… why fly fishing is a fun way to unwind and be present in nature;
… how fly fishing is a great motivator to stay fit and active;
… how catching a fish on the fly is something anyone can learn and have fun with….but a word of caution….if you try it….you might get hooked!

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