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The Inspirational Story of Mario Colao 2

December 14, 201424 min
On last week’s show we met Mario Colao and heard about his inspirational story. Mario had set himself up for health problems by over eating, drinking and smoking. In fact early one morning at the age of just 28 years old he suffered a heart attack that almost took his life.It was a major wake up call that he had to do something…but he had “said it all before” he tried countless times to lose weight and failed. How could he make it work this time? What would be different about his approach, and how would his life change once he started seeing some success.

In today’s show we learn what Mario went through, how it felt when he started to see that this time was going to be different and how the lessons he learned along the way translate to just about any goal you want to achieve in life.

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