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What You’re Eating May Not be As Healthy

July 13, 201450 min
In this episode of the outside health and fitness podcast I’m excited to welcome Dr. Kathy Gruver back to the show. Kathy runs The Alternative Medicine Cabinet and she is an inspirational, funny and dynamic advocate for better health through natural sources.

On today’s show Kathy and I talk about five things you want to remove from your diet in order to enjoy better health.

Today you’ll learn…

…why many diet products can actually make you heavier;
…how to tell if the fruits and vegetables you’re buying have been genetically modified;
…and why high fructose corn syrup MSG and milk don’t do a body good.
In today’s Outside Sports segment we’ll take a look at energy gels and find out if they are good nutrition and talk about natural options for energy when you’re out on the trail.

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