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The Pet Doctor - Episode 184 Why Isn’t My Dog More Like Lassie?

February 15, 201436 min
Does this sound familiar? 'I would like to take my dog for a walk but it tries to attack every person and dog we meet. He has pulled me off my feet. I just don’t understand. He is so good at home,' 'Why is my dog jealous of my new baby? Initially everything was OK but now it tries to snap and run away whenever the baby approaches... do I have to give my dog away?' 'My neighbors have reported me to the authorities because my dog whines and barks whenever I leave... Should I get another dog to keep her company?'

These are the types of questions I get from frustrated and concerned dog parents. Why can’t their dogs be more like Lassie? Is the dog being belligerent, stubborn, mean or is it just stupid? Could the human be at fault? Dr. Debra Horwitz and some of her board certified veterinary behaviorist colleagues have just released a marvelous book for all cynophilists (dog lovers), Decoding Your Dog. Better understanding what is going on between your dog’s ears can keep your pet out of the dog house.

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