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The Pet Doctor - Episode 225 Love Never Strays

January 21, 201634 min
Have you ever walked through an animal shelter? It teams with hope... dogs and cats hopeful that you will take them home and love them. Heartbreak because last year an estimated 3 million dogs and cats across the United States found themselves alone, afraid and abandoned in such facilities. Animal shelter have greatly improved in the services they offer these animals but sadly, the majority of these wonderful loving pets will never find a forever home. They are destroyed because no one adopts them. There are just too many of them.
A few months ago, my local veterinary association took part in a ‘Doctors Without Borders’-type pet wellness event sponsored by a spectacular organization founded by my guest, Teri Austin. This woman’s passion for helping some of the least served pets in the Los Angeles area will hopefully inspire you to help her foundation or who knows, you may want to use this model to tackle the same issues in your home town.

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