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The Pet Doctor - Episode 228 Passages

April 6, 201636 min
The devotion that pets show their human guardians is often called unconditional love. As pet guardians, we share our lives with creatures that sadly have shorter life spans than ours and at times we must demonstrate the ultimate gift of love-allowing our pets to pass. This decision is fraught with angst. How do you know it’s time? Do you permit your pet to transition naturally or do you enable the process? Is it best done at home or at your veterinarian’s office? How do you tell your children? Are you overreacting by feeling so devastated by their loss and are your friends correct when they say "get over it, just go out and get another pet... it was only an animal.'

Dr. Liz Fernandez addresses these questions and more in her book, Sacred Gifts of a Short Life. Each pet is different; each decision regarding their transition is unique. There is no right or wrong answer, only the one that is meaningful for you. Dr. Liz and her remarkable book will help you no matter if you are facing the passage of a pet, a human loved one or your own mortality.

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