The Remnant Nation

Strange Bird II

March 11, 201445 min
Of the many prophetic dreams and visions that deana has been given that she has recorded on her dream journal website, STRANGE BIRD II has had the most attention. No doubt, it created a stirring the day before the elections of 2012, when STRANGE Bird was published, predicting Obama's second term- when many in the Church were prophesying that Mitt Romney would be the next president. In just a few hours after publishing Strange Bird, thousands were reading the prophetic warning, and admonishment to pray, in an 11th hour attempt to jolt awake those lulled to sleep by false words circulating the internet. Because much of the dream covers a vision of America's future dealings in the Middle East, we thought it to be wise NOT to allow this word to fade out before its time. The warnings are still relevant as we approach the season of the FOUR BLOOD MOONS, and a time line in the dream that seems to highlight a period after the spring of 2015, to the end of the President's second term. You can find more words for America at including Days of The Judges, The Good Friday Prophecy, What I See For America- Citations for The Now, Tall Ship Bounty and Sandy Enigmas, and the Winnowed and The Pruned. If you have any questions there are comment fields on the website. Also, you can access America's Troubles dreams of 83-89 by typing in - grace - exclusive to our Spreaker followers. Please do not post, these are copy written. However, you may share links.

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