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"Clevelands Finest" by Vince McKee (:90)

October 17, 20131 min
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Book summary - This book highlights the best moments, players, and media members in Cleveland sports history. It has in-depth, extremely personal interviews with some of the top names in Cleveland sports. Each interview is a no-holds-barred tell-all of the most intimate and sometimes controversial details of the largest impact moments in our town's sports history. This is the first book written from the player's point of view, mixed in with the media that covered it, and the fans that watched. This book will change the way the entire sports nation looks at Cleveland. Finally, the true stories are told!

Chapter highlights

Chapter 1 Golden Years - 80 year old fan Joe DeLuca talks about what it was like to be apart of the 1945 Cleveland Rams championship game, then the Cleveland Browns championships 46 - 64. Also goes in depth about the Cleveland Barons and their 9 Calder cups along with the 1948 Cleveland Indians World Series

Chapter 2 The Miracle - Joe Tait goes into detail about every dramatic moment of the Miracle of Richfield Team

Chapter 3 Super Joe - Joe Charboneau goes into detail about what is what like growing up with a single mother, how his brother had to raise him and taught him about weight training. He goes into detail about his one magical year, the heartbreak of the injury and the struggles he has faced since. Some brutal honesty in this chapter.

Chapter 4 Perfection - Len Barker goes into detail about his career, his perfect night, how he was almost late to the game and why the strike screwed everything up.

Chapter 5 Team Ball - Larry Nance discussed why he was upset to come to Cleveland in a trade, but then how quickly he fell in love with his teammates and fans. Craig Ehlo describes his early years in the league, then gives a second by second breakdown of "The Shot". finally he reveals what MJ said to his son years later.

Chapter 6 The Jake - GM John Hart, Mike Hargrove and Carlos Baerga discuss the rebuilding process and why that first year at "the Jake" was crucial. What did they think about the strike?

Chapter 7 Play Ball - Carlos Baerga goes into detail and breaks down their approach in beating Randy Johnson in the dramatic ALCS. John Hart breaks down why he starting crying after they won the pennant. Mike Hargrove calls Kevin Kennedy a "chicken s#$%", and what he told the team in his pre game speech before the clincher.

Chapter 8 So Close - Chapter starts off with Baerga and John Hart discussing the trade that stunned Cleveland. Hargrove goes into detail about the trade that sent Lofton away and brought in Justice and Grissom. Also, very dramatic game by game breakdown of the 1997 playoffs. Hargrove tells us why he chose to go with Wright in game 5 of the ALDS against the Yankees and game 7 of World Series against the Marlins. Also, talks about Armando Benetiz tipping his pitches. Complete with Hargrove talking about Bip Roberts asking to come out of the starting lineup before game 7, also what they told Mesa to throw in game 7 ninth inning. The heartbreak of losing the world series. What did Dick Jacobs say to the team after the epic loss?

Chapter 9 The Crunch - They were a cult favorite and Hector Marinaro, Otto Orf, Zoran Karic and Bruce Miller tell you why.

Chapter 10 The LeBron Era - A complete breakdown of the 2006 and 2007 playoff runs. Complete with key insight from Fred McLeod.

Chapter 11 Chico - The dynasty of St. Ignatuis Football through the eyes of Ed Daughtery

Chapter 12 - In the Booth - The media discussed the passion of Cleveland Sports Media

About the Author

Vince McKee grew up in northeast Ohio as an avid Cleveland sports fan. Vince currently meets with the public to further spread the message of "Hero" whenever he can. When he is not writing or public speaking, he enjoys spending time wit

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