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Drive Thru Workers, Foot Doctor, Fat Guys, Pranks, Fun Facts, Closing Remarks and more.

May 25, 201895 min

95 min
Junior is the resident Don Juan. What is wrong with Kells? Sheryl Underwood and the State of Georgia. BBQ, Closing Remarks, and more.

May 24, 201899 min

99 min
Hip Hop Trivia, The Gracie Awards Recap, Monkey Business, Junior with the LIVE Strawberry Letter, Closing Remarks and more.

May 23, 201899 min

99 min
An ex-girlfriend at The Royal Wedding. Shirley Strawberry shows why she is the baddest. Top 5 NBA Players. Closing Remarks and more.

May 22, 201899 min

99 min
The Royal Wedding Takes Place. Brand New Junior. Janet Jackson At The Billboard Music Awards. Closing Remarks and more.

May 21, 201899 min

99 min
Happy Birthday Nephew Tommy! Fool #1 makes it to the Kiss Cam. Royal Wedding is tomorrow. Mrs. Harvey has a social media story. The Closing Remarks and more.

May 18, 201899 min

99 min
Cardi B. Photo Op. Will Smith Throwback picture. Oprah Speaks about the TRUTH. Sheryl Underwood stops by. Steve gives us his Closing Remarks which talks about association and more.

May 17, 201899 min

99 min
Kevin Hart has a reboot. The Longest Strawberry Letter is discussed. Meghan Markle as Duchess. Melania Trump and John Cena. Closing Remarks and more.

May 16, 201899 min

99 min
Gambling maybe legalized in a dozen more cities. Tommy's Mother Kate checks in to talk about Tommy. The Strawberry Letter is the longest in history. Cardi B. fires back and Taraji P. Henson is taken! The Closing Remarks tells us to always be ourselves and more.

May 15, 201899 min

99 min
Family Feud. Chadwick Boseman Delivers. Childish Gambino and Being Black in America. Closing Remarks and more.

May 14, 201899 min

99 min