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GrokTALK February 15th 2014 full podcast

February 15, 2014120 min
Dr. Betsy McCaughey updates us (by phone–she couldn’t make it to the studio in time) on the moving target of ObamaCare, and the problems this creates for insurers, business owners, politicians, and patients.

Dr. Julianne Cooper is back to talk education. We discuss the lack of adequate education, the need for an educated electorate, and who is best served by ignorant voters.

We open with Richard H. Olson jr., president of the Londonderry Fish & Game Club, joins us to talk about the defeat of HB 1589 (a redundant and badly written background check bill), th elies used to sell it, and the players in its rise and demise. We then move on to SB 244 – another bad anti-gun-rights bill still in play, and the intractable conflicts the bill creates for everyone from gun owners to those in the bureaucratic food chain.

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