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Kremlin Concerns, MLK's Stand Against Vietnam, Evangelicals in America

April 3, 201738 min
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On Monday, a terrorist attack on the St. Petersburg metro shifted the spotlight to national security after weeks of domestic unrest across Russia. In recent weeks, thousands of Russians have gathered in cities across the country to protest the government of Vladimir Putin. Joshua Yaffa, a contributor to The New Yorker and a fellow at New America, discusses the growing agitation in Russia.
Takeaway Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich talks to Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, about the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the election.
There are two closely-situated landfills in St. Louis County, and one has radioactive waste and the other has a smoldering underground fire that's been burning since 2010. A lawsuit has been filed as concern among residents grows, and it's still not clear whether the state or the county is ultimately is responsible for the area. Eli Chen, science and environment reporter for St. Louis Public Radio, brings us up to speed on this issue.  
It's election day in St. Louis County. Jason Rosenbaum, a political reporter for St. Louis Public Radio, gives us a roundup of what's on the ballot, including public funding for a new stadium, funding for the police department, and mayoral elections in Ferguson and St. Louis. 
Today is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Riverside Church speech. During the address, Dr. King came out strongly against the Vietnam War for the first time, over strenuous objection from nearly everyone around him. The Takeaway looks back at King's speech and his legacy. 
In the latest installment of The Takeaway's series "Uncomfortable Truths: Confronting Racism in America," St. Louis Public Radio Reporters Kameel Stanley and Tim Lloyd talk about their experiences reporting about racial issues, class, power, and poverty in the St. Louis area for their podcast, "We Live Here."
A new book called "The Evangelicals: The Struggle to Shape America" traces the Evangelical movement from the 18th century to today. Frances FitzGerald, a Pulitzer Prize winner and author of "The Evangelicals," weighs in today on The Takeaway. 

Chat About Kremlin Concerns, MLK's Stand Against Vietnam, Evangelicals in America

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