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Obamacare Up in Smoke, Ford Challenges Trump, Fighting Terror With Music

January 3, 201744 min
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As Republicans rally to repeal Obamacare, The Takeaway considers the future of the Affordable Care Act with Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of the ACA and an economics professor at MIT, and Renée Landers, a professor of law at Suffolk University.
On Tuesday, the Ford Motor Company announced that it was scrapping plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Mexico. The decision comes amid criticism from the Trump administration, but Ford says the decision was not made because of political pressure. Joe Hinrichs, president of the Americas at Ford Motor Company, explains. 
We continue our look at Chicago gun violence with a personal essay from Edwin Day, a former gang member who now works with youth to steer them away from gun violence.
Diagnosed at the age of 17 with epilepsy and bipolar disorder, Sitawa Wafula found few avenues for support in her home country of Kenya. She started a blog about living with mental illness and has now set up Kenya’s first free mental health support line, "My Mind, My Funk."
The U.N. face many challenges in the year ahead, including ending the war in Syria and continuing to address and reign in climate change. Jan Eliasson, a Swedish diplomat who served as deputy secretary-general of the United Nations from July 2012 to December 2016, reflects on the challenges ahead for the United Nations in 2017. 
Karim Wasfi, a renowned cellist and the conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, uses music to heal in the face of terror. Last year, after a deadly car bomb exploded in a cafe, he sat with his cello and played amid the charred remains in protest of the violence and to “equalize” the terror with an act of creativity and beauty.

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